Putting an End to Autism by
Restoring the Brain from Immune Attacks

AutismFreeBrain, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that
promotes breakthrough Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) research
and translates scientific findings into day-to-day applications.
Our commitment is to reconstruct brain networks
derailed in people with ASD after immune attacks,
and to discover an early diagnosis for timely intervention.

Why is there no ASD cure yet?

Annual US Research Funding for Major Diseases (in Million $)

Autism funding is needed!
Although each year more children are
diagnosed with ASD than people with
cancer, AIDS and diabetes combined,
only 2% of total US medical research funding
is spent on ASD.

Four years of published research
- funded by the National Autism Association (NAA),
the Autism Research Institute (ARI), and Safe Minds -
discovered largely unexplored paths in brain and
immune cells that cause, what we named,
Brain Immunity Storms.
These Immunity Storms are responsible for
disrupting brain communications in people with ASD
and our goal is to recognize and block them.