About AutismFreeBrain™

AutismFreeBrain, Inc. 501(c)3 is a nonprofit organization formed to fund innovative research on the auto-immune responses in the brain that lead to ASD. Specifically, our research will address how "immune storms" damage brain areas responsible for language and emotion, frequently dysfunctional in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Our aim is to develop an objective diagnosis and cure for ASD today.

How Things Started

AutismFreeBrain was initiated and is maintained by doctors, scientists, and families with children with ASD hoping to enable an in-depth scientific and clinical exploration of the inflammatory cause of ASD, initially based on the findings of Professor Theoharis Theoharides, MS, PhD, MD we have expanded to include many research doctors internationally including at Harvard School of Medicine, Mt Sania, Boston University, and more. This group of doctors has published evidence showing increased levels of unique neuroinflammatory markers in the blood of young children with ASD, and this research has led to identifying a medical condition that leads to autism. Two clinical trials with treatments based on this research, neuroprotek, have show significant benefit in attention and sociability with reversal of gastrointestinal and allergic ASD symptoms in 70% of children with these children developmentally catching up to their neurotypical peers. AutismFreeBrain was formed in order to further this research until a cure is finally found.

Our Values

Brain Immunity Storms damage behavior and language brain regions affected in ASD


Be honest
no matter what.
A novel molecule found to cause inflammation will be targeted to inhibitthe Brain Immunity Storms


Think outside the box.
Two blood biomarkers can be used for early and objective ASD diagnosis


Don’t give up
until you realize
your dream.
Laboratory experiments showed that Brain Immunity Storms can be preventedand reversed


Understand and share feelings of others.
A novel molecule found to cause inflammation will be targeted to inhibitthe Brain Immunity Storms


Admit mistakes
and learn from them.

Our Team

We all know first hand what ASD means and, together, we are determined to find a cure.

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